Wrought iron furniture maintenance tricks

Wrought iron furniture maintenance tricks

1) Although the wrought iron furniture itself has anti-aging and anti-weathering characteristics, if it is used improperly in its life span, the surface paint of the wrought iron furniture will gradually faded, and even peel off and get rusty. Therefore, in the process of daily use, we must pay attention to the maintenance of wrought iron furniture.

2) While moving and handling the wrought iron furniture, you should be carefully and gently, do not do frequent move them around after being placed. The wrought iron furniture feet should be kept stable, if not, it will be easy to deform after a period of time, which will shorten the service life of the wrought iron furniture.

3) Wrought iron furniture should be placed in a dry area, do not use a damp cloth directly wipe the surface of the wrought iron furniture, and it is best not to place a humidifier around to prevent them from rust. At the same time,avoid direct sunlight, long-term exposure of sunlight will make the iron furniture oxidation deterioration, paint color fading, cracking or peeling.

4) In order to prevent wrought iron furniture from rusting, the surface can be wiped regularly with cotton cloth dipped with anti-rust oil or engine oil. If the furniture has begun to rust, this can still remove the rust.

5) Do not forget to clean the dust on the surface regularly, because dust stains can also make the wrought iron furniture rusty. When they get dusting, use a cloth of pure cotton fabric dipped in a mild and non-irritating detergent and gently wiped the surface.

6) The wrought iron surface cannot be polished directly with sandpaper and other rough materials, which will grind off the paint protection layer on the surface of the wrought iron furniture.


Post time: Sep-29-2022