How to purchase and maintained the Wrought Iron Furniture

1)The first step is to understand wrought iron furniture

The process of wrought iron furniture: iron furniture is also known as metal furniture, After stamping, forging, casting, molding, welding and other processing technology, the material can obtain a variety of shapes. Surface treatment is carried out by different processes such as electroplating, powder coating or plating.

2) The characteristics of wrought iron furniture

Wrought-iron furniture is suitable for placement in a modern style room. The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of wrought iron furniture.

  • Anti-aging

The life span of usage for wrought iron furniture is very long, in addition to the characteristics of iron itself, its surface layer of paint which can also prevent the material from oxidation.

  • Flexible styles

Iron iron furniture is known for the combination of "metal + fabric" and "metal + solid wood", no matter which way to match, you can find a suitable matching method from it, and the decorative effect is outstanding.


Wrought Iron Bed Frame

Part2: Tips for buying wrought iron furniture in 6 ways

More and more people like to go to the furniture market to find wrought iron furniture, from wrought iron light stands to wrought iron bedside tables, from wrought iron security doors to wrought iron windows. But how to choose good wrought iron furniture?

1. Look at the its material

Pay attention to the material when choosing. You can start by touching, observing colors, viewing brightness, and more. Good wrought iron products usually feel relatively smooth and flat, the material looks more textured, the touch is not stiff, and the color is relatively vivid.

2. wrought iron furniture style

When choosing wrought iron furniture, you should take into account the overall style of the house. If the home decoration is dominated by cool white colors, the selection of wrought iron furniture should be based on bronze, golden and brown. The color of the furniture will stood out.

3. Craftsmanship

Buying wrought iron furniture, it is generally necessary to check whether the iron components are well prepared for anti-corrosion treatment, otherwise the furniture is easy to rust, especially pay attention to whether the anti-corrosion treatment at the junction between the metal materials is done well, and see if there is obvious leakage on its welding point.

4. Look at the details of wrought iron furniture

When buying wrought iron furniture, we should pay attention to the details, such as some furniture will have some patterns, such as petals, and determine whether it is delicate and well made or if there is a broken pattern.

5. Wrought iron furniture welding

In general, a good welding points is consistent and will not have a hole on it. To check the quality of wrought iron furniture, you can used to hit the welded part with a hard object or applied force on the welding point to see if it will break.

wrought iron furniture

Post time: Sep-28-2022