Fujian Wrought Iron Furniture – Place of Origin

Fujian Wrought Iron Furniture - Place of Origin

Fujian is the origin of wrought iron furniture. There are more than 3000 wrought iron factories setting up in here.

Every morning, you can hear the noise of the welding sound near your area. welding, polishing, and painting are all in one place; In the afternoon, small trucks loaded with various wrought iron furniture across between various factories are bustling around; As night, thepacked the goods in a big truck one after another and they were sold all over the country and outside of country.

Back in the day, most of the factories were built in the village, and people who rely on the wrought iron furniture industry, most of them has lead to road from poverty alleviation to prosperity.

Fujian's wrought iron industry furniture in the past year trading scale of 20 billion yuan, covering 90% of the country's wrought iron furniture demand.

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Why Fujian's wrought iron furniture can develop so well, it is because the industrial chain of Fujian wrought iron production is complete, even if the scale of some factories are not so large, but the speed of production and processing is very fast, and it can produce customized products in a short period of time. This is a capability that is not available anywhere else in the country.

Over the years, I feel that the change of Fujian wrought iron furniture is not only crafted from a small unit to a large unit, but also from a single production line to a diversified change. Now there are many kinds of products iron furniture products, there are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of wrought iron furniture.

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The wrought iron furniture throughout Fujian has also undergone several iterative upgraded. From the very beginning of the pure ornament category of 1.0 products, such as flower stands, shoe racks, hangers and other types of low unit price, slowly transformed into a combination of wood, plates, stone 2.0 categories of residential household products; now it is more emphasis on the integration of practicality and ornamental, partial space category of the whole house customization 3.0 products.

In the future, the 4.0 products of Fujian wrought iron furniture will be a combination of intelligent products, such as wireless charging, automatic boiling water and other intelligent functions, so that the additional attribute value of the product is greater.

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Post time: Oct-09-2022