Team building: Celebrate International Women’s Day and staff’ s birthday


1.In order to activate the company' s cultural atmosphere, welcome the International Women' s Day, and guide the female employees to pay more attention to their own moral cultivation, cultural connotation, mental health, independence and other comprehensive quality improvement, and inject dynamic fresh vitality into the company. Fuzhou Powerlon Outdoor Furniture Co. Ltd specially held the March 8th Women' s Day celebration activities.

2.In order to better promote the emotional communication between enterprise leaders and employees, as well as to express the humanistic care for employees, the employee birthday party was specially held.



The activity is divided into the following sections

1. The host opened the speech

2. Interactive mini-games

3. The birthday party

4. Leaders give birthday gifts

5. Conclusion

Through this activity, people feels that the form of this activity is various, the content is rich, evreybody feels happy in the relaxation of mood. At the same time, this activity further enhance the enterprise female staff fraternity and mutual help team spirit, also let the male staff of the company more care for female staff.



1.Enhance mutual understanding and team cohesion

Why does Powerlon always organize regular group building?The reason is obviously.

The first one is to promote the communication between the employees and the enterprise. We know that new colleagues will be unfamiliar with older colleagues or leaders. But if the company often carry out team building activities, it might be able to let everybody quickly establish feelings, reduce the conflicts among the departments.

When there is a conflict, the other team members and the "leader" of the group will try to reconcile. Team members may also give up or temporarily slow down personal conflicts for the benefit of the team, focusing on the bigger interests. After facing some problems together for many times, members of the team will get more tacit understanding.


2.Reflect the concern of the company and realize the combination of work and rest

It’ s said that if a company is worth long-term development,just look at the salary, bonus and the team building benefits. How much a company cares about its employees, how much it pays attention to the development of its employees. Therefore, team building has become an important welfare project of a company. The quality of team building can directly let employees feel the strength of the company and the care for themselves.

So group building is a good way for a company to express love to its employees. Powerlon is such a company with humanistic care. Regular group building enables employees to better integrate into the company and experience the company culture, and gives them a sense of belonging, pride or trust.



Post time: Mar-31-2021