China’s foreign trade in 2021 “more and more brave”, continued to grow strongly

After the "epic" Jedi counterattack in 2020, China's foreign trade in 2021 "more and more brave", continued to grow strongly. Since the beginning of the year, home appliances, home appliances, 3C electronics and other categories, exports have reached new highs, products in short supply. From a threefold surge in furniture export orders to a row of bicycle orders next year, cross-border exports are now a sight to behold throughout the year.

In the first half of the year when foreign trade continued to heat up, which categories performed the best? What are the latest trends in the foreign trade industry? Let's take a look at the explosive products and the general trend of the foreign trade industry in the first half of 2021! The export of small health appliances, small household appliances for kitchens and personal care appliances has grown rapidly. Not all small home appliances have the possibility of high sales this year, such as ultraviolet and ultrasonic cleaning appliances, although they still maintain rapid growth, they have gradually shown an oversupply situation. Fuzhou Powerlon Arts and Crafts Co.,ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in producing a wide selection of iron garden furniture and mirrors. The products range from iron tables, chairs, benches, flower pot stands, garden mirrors On the contrary, the buyer's demand for small kitchen appliances is still strong. At the same time, people's enthusiasm for fitness continues unabated during the peak season of outdoor sports, and they have begun to "fancy fitness." It is worth noting that with the dominance of the housing economy-related industries, the sports and entertainment industry has squeezed into the current five category, with a 77% growth rate, and has become a dark horse category.
However, difficulties and challenges such as the appreciation of the renminbi, rising raw material prices, and poor shipping and logistics have gradually emerged, causing many foreign trade companies to continue to increase their operating pressure, and their profit margins have been squeezed to a certain extent.

Post time: Jul-09-2021