2021 5.20 Love and Expression Day

In order to meet the upcoming 520(means I love you)

Think about it first

What will happen on 520?

Based on years of abuse

Basically, on that day


A bunch of people make holiday wishes

A bunch of people show their boyfriden/girlfriend

A bunch of people show red roses


A bunch of people post their transfer records

A bunch of people post their travel photos

A bunch of people post courtship pictures

A bunch of people showing off their engagement rings

A bunch of people Posting their marriage certificates

Nothing but memes

Celebrate your feasts

Promise me

Don't ask me again

Honestly, the 520 routine has been tired of playing

But the company collective pass 520 is still very rare however ~


That's right ~Powerlon is a company like that

How can there be no activity?!

Life is like a journey, I sent out together with you.

Along the way there are beautiful scenery.

Both and touched, and exciting.

We take pictures while walking,enjoy life, enjoy the life.

Finally, please shout out our slogan ~~~ to make Powerlon newer and more beautiful


Fuzhou Powerlon is a Manufacturer for garden furniture, patio set, bench, garden wall&indoor mirror, lantern or candle accessories, bathroom accessories,flower stand rack,home decor Furniture etc .

Handcrafted 100% recycle Rustproof waterproof
Home and Garden
Powder coating and hand painted
Europe,durable and strong
Waterproof & Anti-rusty
I wish you all 520 happiness ~

1.Direct Factory supply with competitive price

2.Free sample: The cost will be refunded upon order placed

3.On time shipping

4.Complaint feedback immediately


You are buying a classic high-quality hand made Vanity Mirror, this piece of the metal wall-mounted mirror can be used as a home decoration. Create the illusion of space and color in your garden with this Decorative Wall Mounted Mirror. By tricking the eye into seeing further, when in fact it’s just a reflection, your home will appear more spacious. Apply to Garden, Park, amusement park, public places. Made with High-Quality Tubular Wrought Iron Stock.

Post time: May-24-2021